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Battlefield Heroes 2009

Battlefield Heroes 2009 | PC Game |330 MB

The game features context-specific third- and first-person shooter perspectives.Heroes will be the first Battlefield game to be released under Electronic Arts' new "Play 4 Free" model, which will see the game released for free with revenue generated from advertising and micropayments. Advertisements will appear on the website and the 'front-end' of the game although none will appear in-game, while micropayments may be made for additional items to customize the appearance of players' avatars without any gaming advantage.The game is said to be placing less emphasis on skill and strategy, and will be less demanding on computer specifications than the previous games of the series to increase the audience base.In addition, a system will be in place to match players of similar skill levels together for fair play.

System requirements:
operating system: Windows XP or Windows Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512 Mb (1Gb on Windows Vista)
Video Card: 64Mb supports Shader 2.0 pixels
Place the hard disk drive: 1GB lie 380mb
Internet connection: 256kb Cable / DSL connection

Installation instructions:
1. Download and install
2. Running a label, you move a page to record login (use browsers IE or Mozilla, Opera game does not work)
3. Nazhmaem to Play Now, we establish what is required (it is necessary for the browser plugin) (Hit the top on a plate and set) (there are screenshots on the site, follow them)
4. Again Hit Play Now (yellow button above), will start checking the files and how to play
5. Play!

Uploading for all

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